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Item Colney Heath Site
Will re-open to the Public from Sunday 4th May 2014 and thereafter on the first and third Sundays of each month until 25th October from 14.00hrs to 17.00hrs.

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The last Newsletter available on line is for September 2011.

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North London Society of Model Engineers Web Site

The North London Society of Model Engineers (NLSME) was originally founded in 1944, the aim through which the Society was originally founded still remains today, and that is to promote and encourage model engineering and its related pastimes.


We regret that at the present time the NLSME website is unable to provide access to our monthly newsletters in glorious colour. (Unlike our actuall newsletter that is sent out to all members in black & white.)

Within our society we have different sections, which include:-

How to find us

Please click here for a map of our Colney Heath Site.

Follow Church Lane to the end (Park Corner) and continue along the dirt track to the right of the Waterboard Pumping Station.  AL4 0NJ

 NLSME Colney Heath Railway site.

2014 Opening Times


The site will open on Sunday 4th May 2014 and we will be offering train rides to our visitors on the newly extended raised track miniature railway.  The Ground Level Railway will not be re-opening to its full extent until the engineering works on that line have also been completed. We can make no guarantee that trains will be running on any particular Sunday, this being entirely dependent on the prevailing weather and the availability of locomotives and drivers.


To help us to continue offering visitors the opportunity to enjoy a ride behind a miniature steam or diesel locomotive around our railways, we would ask all visitors to donate a minimum of 1.00 per seat per ride.

This will help us to cover the ever increasing cost of coal and other fuels used and to assist with the rising cost of materials being used in our various infrastructure projects, aimed at improving the site for members and visitors.  We will also be offering the option of purchasing from the Refreshments hatchway, a 10.00 Season Ticket valid for twelve rides.


When the site is open, toilet facilities and, normally, refreshments will be available. Please note that this is a private site and we do not allow private parties on the site, except by prior arrangement.


There is NO public parking on-site and only limited parking is available along the final approach lane.  Parking is recommended before the river bridge in Church Lane, and under absolutely no circumstances any parking in front of the houses at Park Corner or in front of the Water Board gates.  These must be kept clear at all times for emergency vehicle access.




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