The following pictures are scanned images of photos taken at various Model Engineering shows over a number of years.

To view any of the pictures at a larger size, just click on the image.


simplexphoto01 A completed Simplex
simplexphoto02 A close up of the motion gear on a Simplex
simplexphoto03 A view of the backhead of a Simplex
simplexphoto04 Another backhead view
simplexphoto05 Another close up of the motion gear of a Simplex
simplexphoto06 A full view of the motion gear.
simplexphoto07 The back of a completed boiler
simplexphoto08 A view of the rest of the above boiler
simplexphoto09 Another Simplex
simplexphoto10 A Super Simplex photographed at IMLEC 1999
Another version of Simplex
Showing the location and drive for the lubricator